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Latest News update 30th October 2005

National Theatre London, put on a play ‘The Presidents Room’. After about 18 weeks the run ended mid October 2005. This play was set in a current day Cuban cigar factory, entertaining as the cast rolled cigars surrounded by the audience. I was lucky having a balcony view, watching my tobacco leaf littering the floor and work surface. A tour of the set and whole backstage was appreciated, so was the complimentary food and drink; it was worth the numerous kilos of tobacco they destroyed.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre Stratford-upon-Avon
Word gets around in the theatre world, as the last days of October disappear for another year, my tobacco leaves are heading for Bard country, they get around.

Plantation House helps beat Cuban embargo

An email via my internet website from the Hampstead Theatre so nearly got deleted along with the spam. It asked if I could teach the cast of ‘Anna in the Tropics’ how to hand roll cigars 1929 Cuban style? Using BRITISH Tobacco, grown outdoors in and around Croydon Surrey, I take up the challenge.

What quick learners these actors are and the production team! Everyone is hand rolling my leaf into cigars. “Chris, how is this one?” comes in rapid succession. They are enjoying every minute of these lessons and so am I.

Within hours my tobacco leaf has been transformed into numerous cigars, they now have four weeks to hone that skill for the stage production.
Having vast stocks of leaf, a by product from my Internet Tobacco seed supplying Company ‘Plantation House’, I offered to provide the Tobacco leaf for the six week production, I was later told the tobacco will be returned at the end of the run and envisage a lifetime supply of well made Cuban cigars, we have a factory!
The newspaper ‘Ham and High’ called in to the theatre for photos of the cast producing cigars, by now the actors who are manufacturing cigars on stage and I have been relocated elsewhere in the theatre whilst rehearsals take place. I am now really enjoying myself, the quality of cigars in such a short space of time was amazing, when the cast returned for the photo shoot by ‘Ham and High’ there was a large choice of cigars available for the pictures. The following pictures were kindly offered by ‘Ham and High’ for this website, there are some great people out there. Click on the pictures to view larger images.


Who wants to look at cameras, would you?
Was I enjoying myself, you bet, the cast were great fun and made me feel at home
A few of the cast with some of the cigars made, the joke is that there was just one match left to take this shot.
Anyone got a light for Diana Quick? By now many hours had passed but still the hanks of tobacco are being worked in the background

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